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Yea I am so skipping ahead of all the other generations, why? Well why not.

Anyone who has character that live for a very long time can still be around to help this generation. So some of my characters like Katra and Mea have passed away.

Granted I have ideas if anyone wants to join me. For one I have two new characters and keeping two old ones.

Who am I keeping well... Evila my super powered water elemental and Nova a dragon blooded character will still be around. Evila is still the same as she never ages and Nova with dragon blood in him is now just getting a bit of gray hair.

My two knew characters a girl named Sheena and a guy name Lloyd, I am still working details on them. I may make one of them evil.

So with that said who is joining this cruise?
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So the last couple of days I had no such thing that was called internet.

Unlike most people who would panic I remained calm and decided to read a book, play game that do not need internet, and slept.

Things I could have done was type my story and use my cellphone. Well yea things slip my mind.

I am back to do the things I do best, torment... I mean have fun with my friends here and youtube.... I have no life
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“Hey Jade, since I am new to everything I should know outside the school booklet?” Katra asks as she sits down on the other chair.

“There are plenty of things you should know. I will tell you a few and let you experience the others.” Jade begins as Katra looks a bit annoyed.

“To start off there is the student social societies. There are three of them freaks, angels, and the suck ups. I do not care much about those who think they are perfect little angels or those teacher pets. So yea I am a freak and love it.” Jade explains to Katra, who says “cheers” to being a freak.

“Now there is a few awesome personnel; they let us stay out longer from curfew and help those not sucking up and being perfect. I will tell you a few I know and trust me when I say this be good to them.” Jade tells Katra, who smiles.

“The last thing I will tell you is stick with me and my friends. We all look out for each other and others who need it. There is so much more about this academy that we are still trying to figure out.” Jade finally tells Katra.

“Thanks, and when will I get to meet these said friends you have?” Katra asks Jade, who gives a mischievous smile.

“In due time fresh blood. So what is your schedule for classes?” This time Jade asks something of Katra.

“First class is mathematics two, second class gymnastics three, lunch; then my last two classes are artistic cooking,” Katra tells Jade, who was looking at her surprised.

“You’re a first year, and you are in those classes… how!?” Jade asks feeling dumbfounded.

“Well, well I am. I am kind of brain smart but trust me I can be dumb as a rock.” Katra tells Jade, who is pinching her temple.

Jade then got up quickly, forgetting why she was coming back to her dorm. She rushes to the counter and swipes a card from her wallet then sighs happily. She looks over at Katra and motions her to come over.

“Slice your school id card, and see how many credits you have?” Jade tells Katra, who nods and smiles know school credits are used as money and the only two ways to get credits is doing well in classes and jobs you can accept from the school.

“Looks like I start with seven hundred and fifty.  Is that good?” Katra asks and Jade nods.

“Yea, looks like you did well with the surveys. I only started with two hundred and fifty, keep track on how much you got. Also, make sure to do jobs ever once in a while. Do not do what I did and run out, it sucks.” Jade tells Katra, who makes her way to the front door.

“Want to come along? I am going to get dinner.” Jade asks as Katra nods following Jade.

“Do me a favor, though, do not look like a lost puppy following me everywhere ok.” Jade finally tells Katra, who hesitates before nodding.

Both girls left the dorms to another building. Inside felt like a mall as they enter to a food court, Katra looked around seeing all sorts of restaurants and cultural foods from all around. Looking at the three floors worth of food.

“You look rather amazed, well this is where we part.” Jade began as Katra was snapped out of amazement.

“Can’t we eat together?” Katra asks Jade, who sighs.

“Sorry I have a prior engagement with some friends, and if I brought you over with warning is well… annoying to some of us.” Jade tells Katra, who nods understanding.

Katra split up with Jade to look for something she wants to eat. She looked around till she found a sushi court. She simply loves sushi and got some spending seventy-five of her credits. She found a place to eat away from some people. As she ate, she felt lonely until…

“HI!” A metalized girl said hugging Katra.

“What reason does this human eat alone?” The girl spoke as Katra got a good look at this strange girl.

The girl looks metallic as well human. She had short orange hair pointing out as some robot limbs coming out in front of the ears. Her red eyes show the expression of happiness. She wore the same style of the school uniform as a second year.

“Hi, well I am new and do not know anyone,” Katra told the robot, girl.

“Oh, I am F-Alty nice to meet you..” F-alty eyes glow scanning Katra. “Katra.”

“Okay, so are you an actual student or a project of some sort?” Katra asks F-alty, who smiles.

“Believe it or not I am an actual student, my creature made a mistake and made me too human. So in doing so the school decided to try letting me be a student then to deactivate me.” F-alty tells Katra, who was not sure if that was wise a wise choice of the school.

“They also programmed me to make sure everyone follows the rules if you don’t I can use force,” F-alty tells Katra, who now completely understands why the academy did this.

“So how human did your creature make you?” Katra was curious.

“No, just no Katra. I know everything about you even you being a lesbian.” F-alty tells Katra, who freaks lowering her head, shutting her eyes, and covering her ears.

“No, no that is not true. Sorry, you must have an error I am not a lesbian.” Katra says in a low voice.

“Adding to the data base you’re a closet lesbian,” F-alty says making Katra shrink in her seat.

F-alty could see Katra panicking about this and sighs. “I just double checked my system Sorry I got confused with you and another Katra.”

Katra opens one of her eyes then regains her composure. She then looks around seeing no one was staring at her. Sighs of relief and smiles at F-alty “thank you.”

“You should not be ashamed of it you know. It makes you different and unique, and in my program that’s cool. As for your question, human enough where I do need to sleep to restore my energy. So I do not eat, poop, or have a proper baby, maker.” F-alty tells Katra with a smile.

Katra listens to F-alty as she finishes her sushi. She looks at F-alty thinking for a moment till she takes out her cell and says “Let’s be friends and exchange numbers.”

F-alty blinks took back by this. She has interacted with many humans once in a while making friends after a couple a minute. She would have asked them to be friends with her but right now after seven minutes and fifty-seven seconds someone asks her to be friends.

“YES! I mean yes I would like to be your friend Katra.” F-alty tells Katra was scaring her a bit yelling her first yes.

“No one ever asks to be my friend or in this short amount of time,” F-alty tells Katra as they exchange numbers.

“To tell you the truth, it is hard for me to approach others. If someone approaches me being nice, kind, or have one of my qualities I will make friends with them.” Katra admits to F-alty, who adds that info to her database.

“I actually plan to grocery shop for myself and my dorm mate. Is there a grocery shop in this building, and do you wish to accompany me?” Katra asks her new friend.

“I have something to do, and just go north of the food plaza. You can find different shops like clothes or supplies, one will be a grocery shop.” F-alty tells Katra, who smiles and shakes hands with each other.

Katra did as she did and went grocery shopping, she came out with a shopping cart full. She did not want to take the cart back to the dorm and began to curse herself. She had bags up and down her arms, two soda packs one under each armpit, and holding two bags with her mouth. She carried all of it to her dorm room like that till she got to the door.

Hoping Jade was back Katra knocks by kicking at the door. After a minute Katra thought Jade was not in till the door opened. Jade was face to face with Katra and the groceries. Jade laughs and quickly takes a picture of Katra with all of the groceries annoying Katra. Jade decided after a moment to help since Katra did shop for both of them.

“Was it necessary to take my picture of me like that? Wait, don’t answer I already know the answer. I would have done the same.” Katra says to Jade as they put the groceries away.

“You know me too well, by the way, thanks for grocery shopping. You got a lot how much did you spend?” Jade asks as Katra answers two hundred and thirty-four credits.

“Wow, you did not need to spend that much,” Jade says feeling she might have to make up for some of it.

“Don’t worry about it, trust me. Hey, we have to eat, this way we do not have to spend too much at the food plaza.” Katra tells Jade, who did not think about it that way.

“Well, the day is almost over, I am going to take a shower then go to bed,” Katra tells Jade, who nods and tells Katra “night.”
Day ends
Katra makes a new strange friend and seems like she could fit in, and her secret is some what revealed.

Sorry to my friends if your character are out of character. This is a different world from what they are suppose to be so sorry.

Katra me
Jade :iconscissorluvmidnight:
F-alty :iconethemy:
Katra could not believe her luck. There she stood in a line with other girls all wearing the same uniform. Not any uniform but an academy uniform for just girls. It had a sister academy a few miles away just for boys, but she could not believe she could be here.

Katra is dressed in a long sleeve white shirt with a dark blue vest with the school signature where a person's heart is. The school signature is of a royal blue chalice with two handles on each side, Roman numerals appear on the chalice in sky blue for what year you are in. It is then a choice of long black pants or a black skirt that goes down to the knees, Katra chooses the skirt. Lastly white socks that are folded right to where black lace shoes end.

Katra was half listening to was speaking to her and everyone else. She feels a bit embarrassed a she brushes some of her dirty blond bangs. Katra hair is brushed back into a long ponytail as he bangs curve over her forehead. Her brown eyes are going back and forth looking at possible classmates.

“Now before you go find your rooms and introduce yourself to your up classmate, roommate. You should look over your school booklets of our rules and enjoy yourself new first years.” A woman spoke into the microphone and smiles.

Katra feels nerves as this is her first time outside her hometown. She felt alone not knowing everyone, so what she did was leave to find her dorm. She used her map given to her and checked her dorm number on her card key. Eight, zero, zero, eight… she felt like the universe maybe against her.

“Oh look a first year in our wing, lost blondie.” A girl with red spoke up in front of Katra with a couple others.

“No, my room is in this wing. If you do not mind…” Katra explain but then was pushed back by the girl in red hair.

“Look blondie the names, Ress and I am a fourth year. I am your superior you should remember tha….” Ress began then took a couple steps back before running away.

Katra turned to see what or who scared Ross. A girl with jet black hair bangs brushed to the side of her head and freely flows to her back some over her shoulders had a deadpan glare with one eye red the other brown. The girl smirks showing her teeth and vampire fangs. Noticeably she was a second year.

“Oh, humble vampire thank you for the save. What as gratitude how can I serve you, or do you wish for me to serve you?” Katra asks as the girl puts a finger to her chin.

“Well for one call me master for one. Now follow me to serve your master.” The girl spoke with a dark tone.

“As you say, master,” Katra says then follows the girl to dorm room eight, zero, zero, eight.

“This is my room now…” The girl breaks out laughing with Katra following in the laughter.

The black hair takes out the fake vampire fangs. Then looks over Katra more noticing she was a first year. She then smiles as remember being greeted the same way by Ress.

“Ignore Ress, that idiot does the same thing to everyone. Everyone I know hates her, she roams the halls this time to act superior to everyone. You can wait out here.” The black hair tells Katra, who then flashes her keycard.

“Names Katra, roommate,” Katra says smiling as the black hair sits down.

“Jade and nice follow up with the vampire thing,” Jade tells Katra, who gets a good look at the dorm.

By the entrance of the first room is a closet to the left and the right of the entrance to the full kitchen set.  Then there was the room Katra was in two seats face a hanging plasma T.V.

“This place looks nice, better then I imagine,” Katra tells Jade, who just shrugs.

“If you say so, to the left leads to a hallway with our rooms and bathroom. You better clean up after yourself, because I won’t.” Jades tells Katra then glares as Katra lifts her hands up surrendering.

“I will I promise, where I was from I give chores every day I had to complete,” Katra tells Jade, who calms down a bit.

“Good, I will give my person rules and you better follow them. Got it!” Jade tells Katra, who shies away a bit.

“Understood” Katra says shakily looking very nervous. Jade saw this then mentally slaps her forehead.

“Great a shy nervous roommate “Jade tells herself not believing her luck.

Katra clearly heard Jade not sure what to do. She was no thinking this might have been a bad idea accepting to come here. Katra was personally invited to the academy by one of her mom’s friends. Now she is here and not sure what to do now.

Katra shakes her head slaps her face then breaths in and out. Jade just watch wonder her new roommate is up to. Katra looks directly at Jade then gives a smile.

“What kind face is that for Jade? You look like you have something crawled up your butt.” Katra says with a smirk.

“What… what just happen?” Jade said confused at what her roommate just said.

“Sorry a bit earlier, this is who I am. I was just nervous; I never left my hometown. This, all of this new to me. Like I am out of place. I always knew everyone and now this.” Katra explains then lets out all of her nervousness in a loud burp.

“Oh no, you did not. That would be a challenge burp if I heard one.” Jade tells Katra then forces out an even louder and longer burp.

Jade was happy to see this change in Katra. She got worried for nothing. Katra then let out a louder burp but not as long only to bangs from the floor above and below them even next to them.

“Only way I will beat that is with soda, but we are out. Round one is yours Katra.”
Enter the Academy
My dear altered Katra enters a high class academy and meets Jade :iconscissorluvmidnight:

This story can grow depending on what oc's enter.

Now where to go from here, what secrets does this academy have and what adventure will Katra have.

Future chapters will be longer.
Okay sorry for last journal my friends. I just needed to vent.

Now I feel motivated to write a story.

So this is what I am going to....

Say something now if you mind if I can use any of your characters or not.

For what kind of story I am doing is a surprise.
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Yea I am so skipping ahead of all the other generations, why? Well why not.

Anyone who has character that live for a very long time can still be around to help this generation. So some of my characters like Katra and Mea have passed away.

Granted I have ideas if anyone wants to join me. For one I have two new characters and keeping two old ones.

Who am I keeping well... Evila my super powered water elemental and Nova a dragon blooded character will still be around. Evila is still the same as she never ages and Nova with dragon blood in him is now just getting a bit of gray hair.

My two knew characters a girl named Sheena and a guy name Lloyd, I am still working details on them. I may make one of them evil.

So with that said who is joining this cruise?
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