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It had been a couple of days now sense the xiaolin had beaten the heylin forces. Kimiko and Raimundo have been out cold sense then as well. The large flash of power had knocked them out and ever senses then they have been watched over in the temples healing area. Omi at the moment was watching over them.

"There you are Omi." Omi turned to see Master Fung.

"How much longer will Kimiko and Raimundo be like this master Fung?" Omi asks his master as he cares for his friends.

"I do not know Omi. We just have to wait until they awaken." Master Fung tells Omi as Kimiko rose from the bed she is on. Omi eyes watered and he smiled to see one of his friends awake.  It was then that Raimundo awoke from his bed rubbing his head. Omi smiled even more as Master Fung walks up to them.

"I am very glad both of you have awoken." Master Fung tells both Kimiko and Raimundo who just look at each other.

"For how long have we been out?" Kimiko asks as Omi runs up hugging her.

"You and Raimundo have been sleeping for about four days now." Omi says as he smiles to Kimiko.

Kimiko rubes her head before she lies back down on the bed. "I have a massive headache." Kimiko tells Omi as Raimundo does the same.

"You and me both, my head feels like it would explode." Rai said as Omi looked worried and took a step away from Raimundo.

"Both of you should rest for a while. Come Omi let’s leave them rest for a bit." Master Fung tells Omi as he nods in agreement.

Once Omi and Master Fung left the room Raimundo rises from his bed once more and looks at Kimiko. Kimiko looks up at Raimundo as his eyes meets with Kimiko's eyes. They both nod to each other.

After an hour both Raimundo and Kimiko walk out of the room as Clay runs up to hug Kimiko. "I am so glad you are ok!" Clay tells Kimiko happily as she begins to mimicking the look of losing air.

"Clay let go of me please." Kimiko tells Clay and he does so.

"Master Fung wants to see both of you in the meditation hall." Clay told his two friends in a smile.

Raimundo and Kimiko make their way to the mediation hall where Master Fung stood with two new sashes.

"Raimundo and Kimiko both of you have shown great promise in your last battle. I present both of you as full-fledged Xiaolin dragons." Master Fung tells them as Omi and Clay point to their very own Dragon Sashes.

Kimiko and Raimundo both hesitated before taking their dragon sashes. They grab them they bow to their master before wrapping the sash around themselves.

"Thank you Master Fung." Raimundo says as Kimiko nods with those words.

Master Fung smiled to both of them before leaving. "Congratulations to the both of yall." Clay says as he runs over to his friends.

"Both of you deserve it sense both of you battled both Chase and Wuya and won. The world is safe now thanks to the both of you." Omi says in a smile as both Kimiko and Raimundo walks over to Omi.

Clay smiles as he watching his three friends happily. It was truly time to celebrate and for him it means Texas stake. He takes off to grill himself a stake sense it was on his mind.

Kimiko gives Omi a hug and holds onto him tight. "I get a girl hug!" Omi says happily in a big smile as Kimiko pulls a hidden knife out her robe and stabs Omi in his back as his guard was down. Kimiko then quickly moves and coverers Omi mouths with her hand so he could not scream or yell.

"Do not worry Omi; the pain will go away very soon." Raimundo tells Omi kneeled down to Omi level, then pulls out a knife from his robe. Omi's eyes widen in fear as he could not move sense Kimiko held him there. Raimundo shoves the knife into Omi's head. Blood quickly covers the knife and Omi bald head.

"One down, one to go." Kimiko says then pulls her knife out of Omi who drops to the floor as his blood starts covering the ground around him.

"Why?" Was the last word Omi asks as he dies.

“Hey guys I am cooking up sake how do you want…” Clay asks as he returns to the hall seeing Raimundo and Kimiko over a bleeding Omi.

"What in the world is going on here?" Clay yells as Raimundo and Kimiko just stares at him.

"It looks like we won’t be killing them quietly anymore." Kimiko speaks in sinister voice then runs up to Clay to stab him.

Clay not fully understanding what is going on was able dodges Kimiko attack only to get tackled by Raimundo. "This will end soon." Raimundo tells Clay as an evil grin crosses his face.

"Master Fung!" Clay yells as Kimiko was about to stab Clay.

Master Fung was outside the temple letting the wind blow through beard. He had been filling like something was amiss. He could not sense or figure it out. It was then he felt a strong pain go through him. Omi came to his mind, some terrible just happened to his student. He runs back in and before he got close to where Omi was he heard Clay yell out his name.

Master Fung bolted straight through to whoever was attacking his students. Seeing Raimundo on top of Clay with a knife he kicks Raimundo off.  Master Fung understood what was amiss, Wuya and Chases evil chi was in two of his students. He could not sense it sense there was a balance between good and evil.

"Damn you old man!" Raimundo yells as he quickly gets back on his feet to attack Master Fung.

Clay gets on his own feet and stands next to his master making Raimundo jump back to where Kimiko back. She knew they could not do anymore now.

"Let’s get out of here! We will deal with him later." Kimiko tells Raimundo who nods summoning his wind to gather dust to make a getaway.

Master Fung thrust his arms out witch forces dust clear, Kimiko and Raimundo were already gone. Omi was still lying where he was with a knife still in his head. Master Fung runs over to the Xiaolin Dragon of Water in fear.

"I am so sorry Omi." Master Fung Said as Clay looks away.

"Master Fung I don’t understand what is going on. What just happened? Clay asks as Dojo slithers in hearing what Clay said.

"The end of the world just happened. It must have happened when Hannibal tried to use the Ying and Yang Yo-yos to rip a hole into the spirit world. I believe what really happened was by using the yoyos and the reversing mirror his, Jacks, Chases, and Wuya’s evil spiritual chi were ripped from them as Kimiko and Raimundo good spiritual chi was to. All that evil spiritual went into Kimiko and Raimundo." Dojo explains as Master Fung stands up holding Omi in his arms.

“I believe you are right Dojo.” Master Fung says afraid of what must be done.
A New Evil
The second chapter is up. I hope it is coming out good. I so enjoy an dark evil story.

First Chapter - Begining of the End

Xiaolin Showdown by Christy Hui
Hannibal Roy Bean had just stolen the Ying and Yang yo-yos as well as the Reversing Mirror from the temple. The young dragons were already on chase after Hannibal on Dojo.

A crow that had watched the event flew off and to its master Chase Young. The crow flew quickly to its masters Palace and landed next to Chase. The crow began to talk into Chase Young's ear.

"I see, so that bean plans to open the gateway to the spirit world. If he does open the gateway evil spirits will rip apart this world." Chase told himself then got up.

Chase walked down to his dungeon were he kept a few prisoners but mainly to one the held Wuya. Wuya was not just behind bars but was as well chained to the wall. Wuya weakly looks up at Chase Young then lowers her head. "What do you want?" Wuya asks weakly not wanting to look up to him.

"Wuya how long has it been." Chase said in an evil grin.

"It has been a couple of weeks, Chase." Wuya answers still not looking up at Chase..

"I am not here to hurt you this time Wuya. Hannibal is planning to release evil spirits from the spirit world, ones that will rip this planet up. If he succeeds I will need all the help I can gather. I am giving you only one more chance Wuya. Fail me or turn on me then I will kill you. Help me stop Hannibal." Chase tells Wuya then opens her prison.

Wuya’s stomach growls as some whip marks were easily shown on her body. "Give me some food and heal me and I will do as you say master." Wuya says knowing that is what Chase wants to hear from her.

"Good, it seems you now know your place Wuya." Chase tells Wuya then unchains her and lets her quickly eat something.

Chase then grants Wuya some of her powers back, one being able to heal herself. "Thank you master" Wuya said feeling some of her strength returning to her.

"Let’s go! This will be our last battle, Hannibal and the dragons will fall this day." Chase tells Wuya as he begins to fly, followed by Wuya who is using her own power to fly.

After fly for a while Chase finds the monks as well Hannibal. So he also began his chase on them, his own personal target is Hannibal. Hannibal noticing Chase coming down began to panic a bit. His panic vanished as he saw something that could save him. What he saw was a couple thousand of Jack Bots.

"I cannot believe I am going to say this but, Jack you just saved me. I know those monks can beat those toys, but those toys were to buy me time. But let’s not rule out pain prince of evil Chase." Hannibal tells himself slightly annoyed that Chase is after him as well.

Hannibal descended on his bird to Jack. Hannibal grins evilly seeing that Jack brought Cyclops along.

"Cyclops attack Chase!" Jack orders the Cyclops who sends a beam out of his eye at Chase.

Chase quickly dodges a couple of the beams but one hits him and the blast sends him back. Wuya acting quickly she catches Chase, doing this made Wuya blush a little.

Hannibal knowing Wuya well enough to be a backstabber changes his bird direction around to give her a nudge to end Chase Young. "Howdy Wuya! If you do not mind do me the favor and kill Chase. I promise you that if you join me the world will be ours. Jack can easily be dealt with." Hannibal tells Wuya to motivate her who seemed to be in thought.

I could end Chase here and now and rule the world with Hannibal. I could … Wuya begins to think to herself as something else comes to mind.

Flash Back

"Let go of me Chase! I swear I will kill you one day!" Wuya yelled out as she was thrown into to the dungeon cell. The chains on the wall magical moved and shackles onto Wuya. She struggles to get free but could not.

"Come now Wuya for everything I did you turned on me. I gave you back your live and a roof over your head and all you ever did was plot and plan to over throw me. You are going to be in my dungeon until you learn your place.” Chase tells the witch before turning his back on Wuya.

"You are even lucky I am not going to kill you Wuya. Hannibal on the other hand uses people and when he is done will kill them. You should know that well Wuya as you seen him do that." Chase said to Wuya then walked away.

End Flash Back

Wuya shook her head knowing full well back then Chase was right. She hates to admit it but she does owe Chase. Letting go of Chase who was now recovering from Cyclops attack, Wuya sends her very own magic out in a blast at Hannibal.

"You will pay for that Wuya! Jack make Cyclops attack Wuya!" Hannibal yelled as Cyclops sends a blast at Wuya. Wuya dodges the blast thanks to Chase pushed her away from the blast.

It seems Wuya now knows who her real threat is now. Chase thought then smirks. Hannibal flies down by Jack. Cyclops kept sending blasts at Wuya and Chase.

"This should buy you some time." Jack tells Hannibal who just evilly grins.

"Come Jack let over with." Hannibal orders Jack then tosses the reversing mirror to Jack.

Hannibal then laughed evilly knowing that nothing could stop him now. Chase flew down smacking Cyclops down. Wuya flew at Jack ready to attack.

"Reversing Mirror!" Jack yelled sending Wuya back hitting Chase.

Clay and Omi were in the fray of battling Jack bots. Only because of a few Jack bots had caught them off guard knocking them off Dojo. Omi wanted to be part of the action against Chase and Hannibal but that now lies on the hands of Raimundo and Kimiko. His thought on that was they are doomed.

Raimundo and Kimiko jumped off Dojo smacking some Jack bots. Both of them landed and saw what Jack did to Wuya.

"Do you think we can take them?" Kimiko asks Raimundo who looks at Kimiko.

"I am sure we can!" Raimundo yells as Kimiko nods.

Kimiko and Raimundo ran up to where Chase and Wuya were. "Wudia Star Wind!" Wudia Mars Fire!" Raimundo and Kimiko shouts as Wuya and Chase send their own energy attacks Hannibal.

"Ying, Yang Yo-yo!" "Reversing Mirror!" Hannibal and Jack yelled connecting the two shen gong wu’s powers together as Raimundo's, Kimiko's, Chase's, and Wuya attacks hitting all at once.

A big flash of light blinded everyone. A powerful shockwave from all the magical energies clashing together sends Wuya, Chase, Kimiko, and Raimundo back. Once Omi and Clay could see their friends out could along with Chase and Wuya. The reversing mirror was in pieces as well as the yo-yos. Jack stood there in stone for a bit before crumbling. As for Hannibal there was a pile of ash where he was.

Dojo slithered up to Omi. "Omi, Use the puzzle box that Master Monk Quan gave you. Use it to trap Wuya once and for all!" Dojo yells as Omi nodded then takes out a gold puzzle box from his robe.

Omi opened it as the spirit of Dashi came out. "Do not know how you did it young dragons, but Wuya is going back." Dashi said in a smile going through Wuya body turning her into a ghost and sending her into the box. Dashi turns to the box questioning what he felt as he passed through Wuya as he disappears.

"Have any ideas to trap or get rid of Chase Dojo?" Clay asked Dojo who was rubbing his chin. "I guess we bring him to Master Monk Quan. Maybe he can reach Chase sense they were friends at one time. There is still some good in him." Omi says as Dojo nods in agreement.
Begining of the End
A story in did on but remastered. I think I have improved sense then and I am happy with the result.

If you enjoy please comment and thank you. More chapters of this will come up now and then.

Second Chapter - Begining of the End

Xiaolin Showdown by Christy Hui
Yea I know I should have done this a long time and I think I tried but got no comments. If you like to get to know my oc's ask a question, if you want to dare my oc's bring on the dares, and if you or your oc's want to hang with mine let me know. ^^

It will be down in story like format sense I am not much of and art person, so I hope you all do not mind.

As for the oc's well all of them.

Katra (before and after marriage sense she is not that perverted when married)

and any I can not remember.
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Master Fung watches his four students as they practice together. He was very proud with all they had accomplished sense Kimiko, Raimundo, and Clay had joined Omi. They were all thirteen now sixteen. It has been a good three years as he trained them and watch them grow. It is only a matter of time till he could no longer train them.

It was only a month ago sense Raimundo had become shoku warrior also a month sense any shen gong wu had revealed itself. Right now he was in a middle of an exercise he came up with.

Kimiko was in front of Raimundo both facing a training dummy. Kimiko calls her element “Fire” then Raimundo calls his own “Wind” combining together to make Kimiko fire stronger burning the dummy in a blaze.

Clay was in front of Omi both also facing a training dummy. Clay calls out his element “Earth” kicking the ground up then then towards the dummy. Omi then calls his “Water” colliding into the ground Clay launched freezing it as well granting more speed. It blasts away their training dummy.

“Very good my students, I can see this exercise combining your elements can help in the near future.” Master Fung says walking over to his students.

“Why thank you Master Fung, especially when combining with my very own.” Omi tells his master bowing, the others just roll their eyes.

“I am certain Omi, but it is time for me to tell all of you why no wu has revealed themselves.” Master Fung tells them getting mix reactions.

Clay just smiles lifting his hat a bit up not to surprised his master new something. Omi eyes grew a bit as a smile did as well, it was wondering why and now he will know. Raimundo just waves his hand off to the side a bit thinking about time. Kimiko puts her hands to her sides like looking a bit annoyed her master could have said something earlier.

“What is the reason Master Fung?” Clay asks as his master motions him and his friends to follow him.

“The reason is because sense the heylin is growing in numbers each day is why they won’t become active. The wu is biding time for another xiaolin dragon to appear.” Master Fung tells his students coming to a room filled with new students.

It was a good number of them. All of them in different shape, sizes, and color.

“You four are to determine who out of all these other students who is worthy to become the fifth xiaolin dragon.” Master Fung tells Omi, Clay, Kimiko and Raimundo.

“Only one?” Raimundo asks his master who nods to his question.

“There is twenty five and only one passes. You are putting the pressure on us master Fung.” Kimiko tells him not wanting to make any of them feel bad.

“That will be a bit of a challenge.” Clays says as Omi perk up at the word challenge.

“We accept this challenge! Can we use any method master?” Omi asks as his master looks at him.

“As long as the method you choose is agreed between the four of you.” Master Fung tells Omi who was thinking up a storm of methods.

The twenty five students look at each other after hearing what master Fung and the four chosen dragons just said.

A small boy looks up at a taller boy looking down at him smiling. The smaller boy looked almost like Omi but has glasses. His name is Ping Pong and offers his hand to the taller out of friendship. The taller boy takes it showing a sportsman to the kid.

A girl with long golden blond hair and blue eyes was slightly glaring. She had been offer a hand of friendship from a couple guys. She ignored them and acted a bit shy and scared when offered. Her name is Willow and was very noticeable she is the only girls there.
Xiaolin Showdown Chronicles
This is my take on how to combined both versions of the show.

If I am making a mistake with someones oc let me know so I can fix it.

Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles by Christy Hui

Edited: Decided after a good night to stick close to original characters only. sorry
Mea, Katra, and Gwen by KosmicDragon
Mea, Katra, and Gwen
A couple of my favorite characters ^^

Mea, Katra, Gwen by me
Drawn by :iconscissorluvmidnight:


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Yea I know I should have done this a long time and I think I tried but got no comments. If you like to get to know my oc's ask a question, if you want to dare my oc's bring on the dares, and if you or your oc's want to hang with mine let me know. ^^

It will be down in story like format sense I am not much of and art person, so I hope you all do not mind.

As for the oc's well all of them.

Katra (before and after marriage sense she is not that perverted when married)

and any I can not remember.
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