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I think it is time for there to be more fans to this French Anime so lets start.

Iop Reunion Ritual

The main hero Yugo

Greedy hero fool

Epic dragon fight

So much more, if you want to watch in English let me know I will find you a website promise ^^
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If I make a universe a new world would you join in?

I have this idea and wish to share it. So please, I ask read and comment.

My idea is fantasy adventure type world. To have magic or be some kind of supernatural being you must worship certain deities and perform a certain task on a monthly basis or lose that magic.

An example you worship a deity of healing and each month you must heal a total of 25 people or help those who need help

Another example you worship a vampire deity you must sleep during the day or actually a drink a certain amount of blood a month. The sunlight wont hurt but you are weakened.

Last example you worship a luck deity you must pay tribute a large sum of gold at a temple a month.

Now you can only worship up to three deities at a time, and you have to do eah task.

This idea can go into other genres for others liking. Anyone can add school genre for training with their powers to romance as long as they stick to the true idea of my idea here.

It could be from art, stories, to anything you want to do with this idea. all I ask right now is a comment on this idea. I can make this into a group, maybe it would be better as a group.
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Evila had traveled the universe most of her life and as to her knowledge over twenty five hundred years. She is aware that it is moreover millennia. She was awakened to her senses to think and not just act on pure instincts. Still, though, even though she could think for herself, she relied on her instincts but questioning her life.

Evila instincts were to consume all living creatures, absorb planet's life energy, then finally destroy the planet to move on. She has questioned it many times as why, why was she doing this. Why does she even care? She did not know, but continued her actions.

It was until Evila had absorbed beings that its culture revolved heavily on feelings and emotions that changed her life forever. She could not just think now she could feel every emotion. She began to tremble feeling very guilty, sad, and angry at herself.

“What have I done?” Evila questions herself crying.

Evila then began to hear whispers, billions of whispers. The whispers were calling her “monster” and “murderer” among other words. She forms into an elven like creature then covers her ears. No matter how hard she pushes her ears, she still heard the whispers.

Time had passed for Evila as she tried to travel the universe looking for help. Every time she came to a world with a civilization she would find out that the universe itself was looking for her. Everyone wanted her gone so she can no longer look like herself.

Evil was like a water elemental being but instead of looking like clear or blue water, she was dark black with red menacing eyes. So before she could get anywhere she would have to change into something else.

As for the people of the universe, they know Evila as “The Destroyer of Worlds” and “Monster Queen.” She did not like those names and it only made her feel even worse off. She never knew why she was like that, being a monster.

Evila began to avoid advance civilizations and went to worlds that have not hit certain advancement, and that was when she found Earth. The time the world was in was a couple years before Grand Master Dashi had fought the Heylin witch Wuya.

Dashi was staring up at the sky lying on the grass with Dojo. It was then he saw something black fall from the heavens, falling fast crashing a mile away but with no sound. He grabs Dojo and runs quickly to what crashed, finding nothing destroyed by a woman holding her ears crying out “stop it! I am not a monster.”

“Dashi, something is very wrong.” Dojo told Dashi who could feel how powerful this woman was.

“I know she is strong, very strong. There is no way in my lifetime, I could beat her. I can sense strong amount of darkness with her but….” Dashi began watching the woman why was still crying repeating her own words.

“Dojo gets down, this could be very dangerous, but I believe I could pull her into the light.” Dashi tells his friend who does so.

Dashi walks over to the woman, “excuse me.” Dashi says as the woman stops crying and speaking. She slowly looks over at Dashi who is offering his hand to her. She looked very confused at Dashi who was being careful but helpful.

“Can…. Can you stop the whispers?” The woman asks as she can now be seen more clearly to Dashi.

The woman has bright blond hair that flows down her to her lower back and bangs the stop right above her eyebrows. Her eyes were lavish red and she wore monk like robes to fit her well-developed body. Daisy was rather amazed, but shook his head quickly to return to reality.

“I will try to help you stop these, whispers.” Dashi tells her as the woman hesitates a bit before taking his hands.

Now that Dashi finally touches the woman he could read her more clearly. That was something that no normal person could do easily. He could sense everything now that this woman had gone through. The destruction she did, her questioning of her life, and the change of feeling guilty. He knows everyone deserves a second chance, even this person.

“My name is Dashi, and I wish to help you. You deserve a real life, a new one and not the one you went through.” Dashi tells the woman who froze for a moment then hugs Dashi.

“My name is Evila and thank you, thank you so much.” Evila did not care how Dashi figured her out but she finally feels lighter with him.

Dashi takes Evila back to where he temporarily living with Dojo who was wary of this. Dashi sits next to a tree, then pats right in front of him informing her to sit down. She sits there as Dashi gets into a meditative stance, telling Evila to do as he is doing. She does so as Dashi begins to talk.

“Let’s first quiet the whispers you are having. Breath in and out slowly and close your eyes, then imagine a field full of grass and only grass.” Dashi tells Evila who does as instructed.

Evil breaths in and out calmly trying to ignore the whispers the best she can. She closes her eyes, then begins to imagine a grass field, when she did billions of billions of races she put into extinction surrounded her.

Evil screams breaking out of the meditation state covering her ears. The whispers were no longer whispers, but yells and screams of people calling her a demon and monster.

“Evila” Dashi yells hearing her scream grabs her arms. When he did, he went right through her as Evila transformed into black water.

“Dashi we need to run!” Dojo says growing in size afraid.

“No! I cannot abandon Evila, she is troubled and needs guidance!” Dashi yells as Evila screams grow louder.

“Dojo leave quickly! Even if this kills me I am going to help her!” Dashi yells, then gets into a fighting position.

Dojo was not going to leave his friend at his time of need. Dashi was building up his spiritual energy then releases it into Evila. Dashes own spirit travels directly into Evila to help her from within.

Dashi has entered the field Evila created and it seems to be endless with all sorts of aliens and creatures he could never imagine. He could hear them all calling Evila names, he could not imagine anyone carry out this much in them.

Dashi puts his hands together to silence his mind to clear out the distractions in Evila's mind. Once he could not hear them, he made his way to the center where everyone was facing to find Evila. Once there he found Evila in her true black harden water form.

“Evila concentrate on my voice, you have to clear your mind.” Dashi says, but it seems as Evila did not or could not hear him.

Dashi to a knee to Evila level, then grabs her head. He carefully raises her head, then places his forehead on hers, then forces a clear.

Evil lets go of her ears, then looks around seeing everyone gone but Dashi who fades away. She was then forced out of her mind back to reality then changes human. She looks where Dashi was lying on the ground. She rushes over, but Dojo even though was afraid of Evil a got in the way.

“Stay…. Stay away from Dashi! He took away all that troubled your mind… and…. And took it all in to fight it himself.” Dojo told Evila who backed away.

“I… I am so sorry. This was my fault, I should be carrying all of it, not him.” Evila tells Dojo as she grabs hold of her left arm.

There it was Dojo could now see why Dashi wanted to help her. He could see that Evila is no longer held so much darkness. He smiles and backs away, letting Evila close to Dashi. She walked over, sat down, then rested Dashi on her leg.

“Thank you” Evila said then fell asleep with a clear and quiet mind.

Evils and Dashi both slept for three days under Dojo watch. It was Dashi who awoke first seeing Evila still asleep. He could sense the change of balance inside her. It was then Evila slowly awoke her eye glance at Dashi.

“Thank you for everything” Evila tells Dashi who stands up, then offers Evila a hand up, she took it.

“You are far from the clear you know. Those whispers will come back, but with patents and meditation training from me you can clear it all yourself.” Dashi tells Evila who nods.

“Evila, I you don’t actually age, so I want you to watch over this world. I know you have questions about who you really are and why you did what you did, but if you dig into it you may not like the answer. I offer you to change your view and make a difference here on Earth.” Dashi expresses his words to Evila.

Evil took it all in and thought about Dashi words. She truly wants answers, but she may go on a long chase for that answer. It could be a never ending chase, right now she was offered by her first friend ever something else.

“I will do that for you Dashi, I will watch over this world.” Evila says with a smile, her first smile.

It had been over fifteen hundred years since that day and evil are still going through her exercises and meditation to clear her mind. She has not told her current friends sense she did not want to worry them. She is now watching her friends' children playing, making her smile happily.
Evila into Xiaolin Shown/Chronicles
This is my introduction of Evila into Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles. As well her events the leads up to the current time. Evila goes deep for me as she was very first character I ever made, even before Deviantart was created.

Evila by me
Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles by Christy Hui

Edited Note
I found a grammar programe on google and used it. It looks much nicer and readable now. I hope everyone like the change.
Angelic Wings
Is a half a foot wooden angel with white shinning wings, blue gem on forehead, and the rest dark oak wood.

Once Angelic Wings is activated the wings and blue gem attach to the user. The blue gem allows the user to control the wings with his or her mind. The user can fly and guard with the wings. The wings can only take as much damage as the user could normally then is deactivated to restore itself.

Skeleton Key
A key made of material that is bone.

Using the Skeleton Key can unlock or lock any door or safe that requires a key.

Ro Gong
A living wo that looks like a human teen. He has brown fiber like hair and dark blue eyes; his metallic blue body is automatically covered by xiaolin attire. He reassembles a robot in many ways.

Ro Gong has the ability to copy the magic abilities of other wu like either the Eye of Dashi or the Two Ton Tunic. By watching others fight he can copy their moves down and use them. He cannot copy their elements.

Dashi Note: I cannot believe I did this, I made a living wu. I made a big mistake here creating Ro Gong, I say this because he does have his own identity and feelings. Sure he is a great wu and a dear friend, and cannot bear deactivate him but I don’t want him to bear witness to a battle manly a war. Not even the fight I am doing against the evil witch Wuya. I… I have to deactivate him. Please for the sake of Ro here try not to activate him.

Party and for Fun Wu

Switch or Ru
A hand sized medallion with two people on opposite sides, and arrows pointing to the other. One person is blue the other white with a black background, the arrows are yellow.

Using the Switch or Ru the user can switch their own body or someone else’s body with another body.

Sexes Coin
A golden coin that has a black female symbol on one side and on the other side a black male symbol.

Using Sexes Coin can force someone’s gender to the oppisite gender.
Dashi Note: After using this wu switch who ever back before three days or they will be permanently other sex. Sexes Coin will not even work to fix the problem.


World Mirror
A round mirror with a foot radius from the middle and a gold vine going around the edge.

Using Worldly Mirror the user can find places, objects, and well people.
Dojo Note: This is a great way to spy on others as well catch on certain people or should I say good looking female dragons taking a bath.

What If Mirror
A square mirror with black wooden edge, as well a faded question mark in the center of the mirror.

Activating the What if Mirror you ask it a question with “What if” at the beginning. I will show a ninety nine percent of the outcome.

Other Worldly Mirror
A hand mirror with a silver handle and edge.

Activating the Other Worldly Mirror lets the user see another world of our own but with a different choice you might have chosen. The user and whoever the user choses can travel to said world.


Monkey Armor

Monkey Helm
A red and black metal helmet.

Monkey Helm allows the user to have all the senses any monkey has. Used along with the monkey staff and when gone completely monkey the user has control of him or herself and is overcome by the monkey mind.

Monkey Armor
Red and black metal armor that covers chest, stomach, and arms.

Monkey armor is half as strong as the Two Ton Tunic but grants the user the flexibility of a monkey. Used along with the Monkey Staff the user has two times the flexibility of a monkey.

Monkey Grip
A red and black metal gloves with sharp claws.

Monkey Grip allows the user to grab hold and climb areas like a monkey. The claws can ripe through stone.  Using along the Monkey Staff the Monkey Grip allows the user to climb twice as fast and claws can now ripe through steal.

Monkey Trousers
A red and black metal armor leggings and tail.

Using Monkey Trousers allows the user to go as fast as any monkey and use the tail for balance and grabs hold of stuff. Used along with Monkey Spear the Monkey Trousers allows the user become twice as fast.

Monkey Crown
A golden crown with a diamond center.

Monkey Crown allows the user to take control of any and all monkeys.
Dashi Note: Tried this wu on gorillas and it does not work.

Dashi Warning: Do not let Heart of Jong close to the complete armor or the evil monkey King Jorg will be awakened. His evil plan is to change the human race into monkeys under his control. If Jorg touches you change into a monkey.

Dragoon Armor

Dragoon Helm
A helm made completely out of platinum it as well has a mask detailed to look like a dragon.

Dragon Helm allows the user to have dragon like senses as well breathe the element depending on the person nature or element.

Dragoon Armor
Armor completely made of platinum the cover chest, stomach and legs that are detailed to look like a dragon.

Dragoon Armor allows the user to be reset all magic and take some attacks.

Dragoon shield
A light weight tower shield that is platinum with no details on it.

Dragoon Shield is an indestructible shield to all none magic attacks.

Dragoon Spear
A one handed black spear that’s only three and half feet long.

Dragoon Spear can cut and break all magic shielding, and does not do harm to a living being.

Dragoon Boots
Boots that are made of platinum designed fancily.

Once Dragoons Boots are active the user can fly just like a Chinese dragon.

Dragoon Claws
Claws and arm guard made of platinum shaped like a Chinese dragon.

Dragon Claws allow the user to tare apart anything that is rock or rock like material easily.

Dashi Warning: Do not and I swear to the mighty one do not let the Heart of Jong close to the complete Dragoon Set. A Chinese dragon of wu calls itself Sunder and I almost died to him.

Dashi Warning: Oh mighty one do not let Sunder get ahold of the Ring of the Nine dragons. For one it is not effect by the power becoming weaker by using the ring as well become dumper. Now I am fighting nine Sunders.

Dashi Note: Okay finally took down the Sunders and with help from allies and all my enemies. All of them so yea I am giving the dragon king Umi the dragon Armor in hopes Sunder does not come back ever.
My Wu
These are all the Wu I have ever made give or take a few that I can not remember. But yea this is most of at least.

Anyone is allowed to use any of my Wu as long as they credit me, If you do not credit and use my wu be warn I will spam away to people that you stole my wu with out asking or crediting me.

Xiaolin Showdown by Christy Hui
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Vyse stood next to Wuya as the skies begin to darken with storm clouds as the very land around them crumples. The wind blows making people spin crawl in chill. All because they won, Vyse and Wuya had won.

This may not happened if Vyse had become good, but he stood by his choice and battled the xiaolin. You could say Vyse won sense he did it all himself but it was thanks to Wuya who had trained him as well gave him a home.

Wuya with her power restored chains those of the second generation down with her magic. She had them held in a bowing stance towards her and Vyse. They all had either an angry expression, sad expression, or a defeated expression.

“Now Vyse with your new developed powers destroy them or make them your slave, your choice of course. Do this and you will no longer be my apprentice you will be your own master.” Wuya tells Vyse who nods.

Vyse goes over to Skye and Akira who were next to each other. Skye looks very angry but beaten as Akira was mixed of anger and sadness.

Vyse knows why, it was not because he beat them but it was what he did. He had sent Skye parents directly into a punished realm that was only one way.

For what Vyse did to Akira he used up all in magic one day making her mom a mortal human then sent thousands of Wuya golems at her. Akira mom was overwhelmed and died that day. As for her father went did not take that lightly and out of rage went after Vyse. Vyse now has a permanent scar on his face but used his powers to teleport Akira father into space next to the sun.

“I have always liked the two of you and still do. I will make you Akira and you Skye my love slaves.” Vyse said as his hands glows a bright dark blue color.

“I rather die than be your love slave.” Skye says in a hiss as Akira was in a loss of words.

“Stay away from my sister and cousin creep!” Yang yells trying to break his chains but he was too beaten up to break free.

Vyse puts his hands on Akira and Skye head. A brilliant light of magic surges out of his hands into the girl’s body. Their eyes glow bright dark blue as an aura of dark blue magic surrounds their body. They were both fighting what Vyse was doing, clutching their teeth together and yelling in pain every once in a while. This kept going for three hours till Vyse let go of them.

“Stop it! Let them go or I will kill you!” Yang yelled a couple times as the three hours went by. The others just watched as the event took place.

The chains on Akira and Skye fallen off them. They look up at Vyse eyes almost looking empty and doll like. They both stood up then hug Vyse in a lovely embrace. It had shocked everyone even Yang as Akira. Skye, and Vyse began to kiss one another.

“No….” Yang says weakly feeling defeated.

“Now that I have all I want…” Vyse began than raises his hand.

Chains come out of the ground and around everyone else’s neck squeezing. Vyse begins to laugh evilly as Akira and Skye still hug his side. Everyone in chains began to chock as the chains around their necks tighten every second. A few of them have fallen unable to last long; it did not take too long till they all die.
Evil Vyse Wins
A nice short dark fic.

An alternate future where Vyse is still heylin and gets everything he wanted.

Vyse by me
Skye by :iconkaratecat211:
Akira and Yang by :iconscissorluvmidnight:
Xiaolin Showdown by Christy Hui


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I think it is time for there to be more fans to this French Anime so lets start.

Iop Reunion Ritual

The main hero Yugo

Greedy hero fool

Epic dragon fight

So much more, if you want to watch in English let me know I will find you a website promise ^^
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