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Fear the fan girls as they will get Link. Link gets all the b!ches
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Moon Stone created on Earth sided with Rose Quarts. Fought beside her own sister Amethyst to defend her home. Moon Stone even adopted his own nick name Moon. He has moonlight shiny hair combed back nicely. Wore lose cloths with a grey hooded cloak that could cover his whole body. A black short sleeve shirt with a moon eclipsing a sun on it and white robed pants. His gem is on his right elbow where he could summon his quieter staff. He disappeared when the war was over and could not be found and is considered dead.

Sun Stone fought with her comrades to take Earth for her kind. She had radiant red hair that flowed down to her mid back.  She wore red and yellow fighting style robes. Her gem is on her left shoulder and she could summon two daggers for each hand fighting in tooth and dagger form. As her forces fled she did not and is presumed gone and could not be sensed.

Cat's Eye is a fusion of both Moon Stone and Sun Stone who fell in love on the battle field. Once the war was over they ran away on Earth and instantly fused together out of the love they have for each other. Cat's Eye would only fight to defend herself as she no longer wishes to fight, sometimes to protect others.

Cat's eyes or her nickname Cat has Radiant silver hair in a Asian style hair. She wears a cloak that can hide her body but she can summon it away when desired. She normally wears a loose white shirt with the Chinese symbols of sun and moon that switches from front to back and lose robe like pants with a belt. Her gem is on her hip hidden under her shirt and can summon cat claws for her hands.

Cat's Eye never stays in one place for long in hopes the crystal gems wont find her afraid they will attack her or hates and dislikes it is Moon stone and Sun Stone fused.
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A good couple of years ago I found this amazing warm light. I took to that light and welcoming what I found. I found a world of inspiration and friends. All these friends come around the world to this light. We are all connected in some way, wether it is the art, comic, or the stories. I felt welcomed for so long.

It did not last as long as I hoped though. I did not notice at first, but that light is slowly fading. It took years for me actually to notice that light was fading from me. For my friends though it was bright and warm for them. I wondered why, why is the light fading just for me. I got my answer…

“Change” I heard a voice call from me.

I looked around not seeing anyone. That word though haunts me as I fear change. I want to hold on to all that I ever was. I don’t want to forget nor be forgotten. At that moment, I grabbed the light that was fading from me and held tightly to it. I cried, asking the light to not fade.

It came true, after a good wait I came true. At a price, I did not want to give up but it did. I lost almost all my new friends, but I have found so much more. The light had brightened for and felt warmer than before.

For the longest time, I felt happy. I had fun with these new friends as we role played, shared moments, and we were all there to help those at need. Then it happened again; the light began to fade once more.

I became worried and sad. I did not want it to happen again; I do not want to lose these friends. Why must the light fade again?

“The years go by; change will happen.” I heard the voice again this time I covered my ears. I did not want to hear this.

“Your light will fade in time, just welcome the change.” I could hear the voice in my head. I shut my eyes as tears flood.

“All you want are responses from those friends don’t you? They won’t respond anymore. It is time to move…”

“I will not move on! I know they will respond to me if I keep posting. If they don’t, they will still see it!” I interrupted the voice.

“Is that all you want? Views? I know you want them to comment. Soon enough, you need to move on from this place.” The voice words echo through my mind.

“They are my friends? Friends do not abandon friends.” I told the voice.

“What about your friends you knew as a child, growing up?” The voice spoke as I open my eyes.

When I was young, my family moved to where we are now. I was shy and out of some luck found my first friend. Through him, I have made many friends, but in the past years I only see two of my friends. The rest well they… moved on.

I take a good look at the light again. This light was a symbol to me, a symbol of a life here. Right now it is fading, it is fading because right now only one friend is responding to me through role play. What would happen if I stopped role-playing with her? The light will be gone, and I would have no choice to move on as well.

“I understand, I will eventually have to leave this place no matter what. I need to move on and make new friends, its change after all.” I told myself sadly.

“And I will be waiting” I look to where I think I heard the voice. In the distant I see another light just waiting to be discovered.

“I will see what will happen here on DeviantArt, if it shines bright or not I will accept the change. If DeviantArt light fades away for me, I will close my account and move forward with this change and find a new group of friends.”
DeviantArt Light (READ PLEASE)
This is pretty much my life on Deviantart. I know it does sound demanding in away but this is how I feel. I feel that warm light DevArt had for me and it does feel like it is fading. When you my friends comment I feel happy and wanting to do more but when I don't see.hear from you I feel like leaving.

Recently I feel like my work is being over looked. That is what it feels like now work. Not even fun anymore, just to get someone to comment.

Comment now tell me something, motivate me to stay. I do not want to leave but I feel I must go if no one comments on me. Again I know I sound demanding for comments but my own feels are hurting me at this matter.
Okay if anyone has read my latest story that is interactive awesome. Well it is decided a girl will enter Vahn life to change things up. This is where I need help I have a few ideas on how Vahn will meet her and I can not decided what she will look like.

I want my friends help on what she looks like. You have full creativity of her but one thing. She has to be a red head, so yea help me please before my mind explodes on this.

Now how Vahn will meet up with her I have 3 ideas that I can not choose from.

1) Her family is rich and build across or next to Vahn current location. Vahn will run out and into her to see whats going on.

2) They meet at school when Vahn is being bullied and she rescues him. She will also be new to school and the country life since she lived in a large city before hand.

3) New to the country side tramples over Vahn among other students but instead of running to school she stops to go back to see if he is alright.

So yea please help I have tried to type this chapter a couple times only to redo it from the beginning unable to decided.
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Imagine a world similar to our own with only a few changes. For one thing, this world is larger and has nine continents. This world also has a war going on oh and this world has three moons. You will notice this world has many different versions of humans as our own world. This story will not take the place of this war but instead of a boy.

We zoom down to the planet into a small country home with a teenage boy on his computer. This boy name is Vahn Tatl Verge. He stands at five foot four and has a lean figure. His hair is light brown and hazel green eyes. At the moment, he is wearing a plain white shirt and blue pants.

Vahn is renting the small home then stay at his parents. The home has only five rooms. One of the rooms is a small kitchen that fits a fridge, stove, and sink. It no real counter space as a microwave takes a small portion. There is a five by five bedroom that has a cot and a small desk that his computer is on. Another room that is the bathroom with has a sink, toilet, and shower with no mirror or counters. A living room used mainly used as storage space as well the extra bedroom.

It was all Vahn needed and can afford with his job. He looks up at his clock showing it is eight forty am. He got up quickly grabbed his backpack. Then ran out of his home to get to school.

“Oh man, I cannot be late for school again,” Vahn said knowing he had been late since day one of school two weeks ago.

As Vahn ran, he could hear a herd of people behind him. He ran faster not wanting to get trampled by other students unfortunately Vahn is nowhere fast and gets trampled. Face down on the sidewalk he pushes himself where he is facing up but still on the ground.

Vahn unfortunately luck strikes as he gets run over nuts first by a bike. The person got off the bike then runs over to Vahn.

“Vahn sorry I did not see you; I was reading a book while riding.” Vahn took the hand he saw getting up.

It was one of his teachers, the most well-known actually. It was Mrs. Fay; she is well known only to figure. He among the students and faculty drool over her. She is also amazingly smart teaching chemistry, health, and algebra.

Mrs. Fay has an hourglass-like figure, long wavy blond hair, and ocean blue eyes. Today she is wearing a button up black shirt and her signature blue skirt.

“Why were you even laying on the ground?” Mrs. Fay asks as she fixes her glass look at Vahn.

“I got trampled again… oh no, I will be late again.” Vahn tells Mrs. Fay, who blinks.

“No, you won’t you have… oh no, I will be late.” Mrs. Fays yells then take off on her bike.

Vahn finally gets to school than runs to his classroom right before the bell rang. He was breathing hard as he took his desk. His first teacher look impressed that he finally got in on time for once. The day went by normally to lunch.

Vahn sat down at a table alone. He was no way a social type and does not have any friends. His younger sister sat next to him. Vahn looks over to her with a smile looking at Ami.

Ami is only four foot five with dark brown hair tied in a pigtail and hazel blue eyes. She has a cute figure and is wearing a light purple short sleeve dress that ends like a skirt. She is well known always to have a lollipop in her mouth.

“How are mom and dad doing Ami?” Vahn asks Ami, who only looks up at him for a moment till she pumps her head at his side.

Vahn smiles as he knows what his sister wants. He begins to pet her head as she smiles happily. This would confuse other students as they know they are brother and sister but think there could be more with them.

“They are doing fine Vahn; you should return home I miss you,” Ami tells Vahn, who stops petting.

“I will come by and visit Ami but I want to try to live on my own. I don’t want to live with mom and dad forever.” Vahn tells Ami, who puts his hand back on her head.

Vahn pets his sister for a little longer until the bell went off. Vahn day went by normally till he had to leave. Vahn was pushed down by a couple bigger students

“If it isn’t wimpy number seven? Come get back up so I can just put you back down.” One told Vahn, who just lays there not wanting to cause a scene.

“Looks like one of them know his place.” Another spoke only to be sent flying as someone attack him.

“Don’t mess with my big brother,” Ami spoke calmly and darkly.

“Alright little kid you messed with the wrong guys.” One went to hit Ami but froze up as he could now see what she was holding.

Ami was holding a large bike swinging it with ease. Hitting the larger students with the bike till they ran away from her.

“Thanks, Ami,” Vahn says as Ami looks away.

“You need to learn to defend yourself big brother,” Ami tells Vahn as he begins to pet her head; she begins to purr.

After a while, Vahn departs wishing her a safe trip home as someone picks her up in a car. Vahn did not go home as he went directly to work at the local shopping center. His job is to grab the carts left in the parking lot and return them where they go. He gets a minimal wage, and he was okay with that.

Vahn only worked a couple hours that was given to him. When he got off it was begging to get dark, so he rushed home. He prepared a cup of noodles for dinner as he did his homework. Vahn saw at the corner of his eyes out the window a shooting star.

“I wish there was more to my life than just this.” Vahn smile unknowingly that was what tomorrow was going to be like.
The Begining
I was thinking this earlier and I was wondering what I could do to spice this up. An hour I got what I wanted! This will be an interactive story. With that said what do you guys want to happen?

1) A new girl comes to town and changes Vahn's life around
2) Vahn gets drafted into the army
3) Vahn finds out he has powers that was pass down his family and has to learn how to use it
4) Vahn finds a crashed robot from space
5) Vahn life gets worse as he is kicked out of his home since he could not actually afford it

I will leave it up to you guys for what I will do next. You can only choose one unless you can convince me other wise, Have fun with that


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Fear the fan girls as they will get Link. Link gets all the b!ches
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