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I have some characters I have been working on and wish to share them.

Name: Rose
Description: Jet black hair that flows down her mid back. Light blue eyes that are always glowing orange. Light tan skin with a red black robe dress.
Side: Neither
Located: Currently sealed away in a black see through crystal in a temple under Mount Everest
Powers: Any magic she can see she can use. Angelic, fairy, ect you name she can do it by just seeing it once.
Goal: to become god in any way possible
Life: During the era of Dashi fighting Rose was fighting her once loved Hiro. Hiro was trying to stop Rose from obtaining a dew to make her a god. Hiro knows no one should become a god. Before Hiro could finish her he hesitated due to the romance he had for her so he sealed her away. Unkown to Hiro Rose had a child with him an unable to take care of her child she sends him into the future where he is known as Vyse.
Side Note: Any character who has lived from this era and still lives in the current knows of Rose.

Name: Night
Description: All way wearing an all white mask with black holes for the eyes that move with expression and black lines randomly around the mask that move around the mask. Red combed back hair in a mullet. Wears a combination of xiaolin and heylin garb. Either the top or pants are always different.
Side: he can not decided as both sides are so much fun
Powers: He makes magical items and keeps them for himself
Goal: to drive everyone up the wall bat chit crazy
Life: A friend of Dashi who competed against in making magical items. They would even spare so see who is better it always came as Dashi. Dashi even says "Night who are you talking  to?" Night would respond "To the people reading this fan story of course." Making everyone think he is crazy. He eventually put himself in a trance like sleep state to wake up to bother the future heylin and xiaolin side.
Side note: Any character who has lived from this era and still lives in the current knows of Night and knows he has purple eyes.

Name: Maxwell
Description: Maxwell has light brown hair that goes down into a mullet, and hazel green eyes. He normally wears fancy blue pants and a white collared short sleeve shirt with a blue straight vest with brown boots. He some times tends to wear England Knight armor.
Side: Xiaolin and Knights of Kain
Power: Half elf sight and hearing, abnormal strength, and enchanted armor that can take much more damage that it normally could
Goal: To prove his right to wield the might sword Excalibur and to slay any and all evil
Life: Was born and raised in a wealthy rich family but thought there was more to life then just that. He was found by the Knights of Kain that were searching for new recruits. He began his training at the age of nine to the age of sixteen. The Knights of Kain sent Maxwell to train at the xiaolin temple to experience the xiaolin way in hopes that Maxwell could combined the two styles into a new one.
Generation: second

Name: Raven
Description: Raven has green hair that goes back into a pony tail and ocean blue eyes. She wears a light blue long sleeve shirt and brown to the knees skirt with black slip on shoes. She wears prescription glasses and always carries a brown leather book that has a lock.
Side: Xiaolin and Sorcery of Midna
Power: Gnome (4,3 foot tall) agility and dexterity, casting and alchemy magic
Goal: To open her magically sealed book and to uncover her abilties
Life: Raven had grown up in the Sorcery of Midna with her family. At the age of nine she took on the ritual to uncover her powers ending up with her leather brown book. It was magically sealed and this was the firs time this has ever happened. Her elders told her that they had a vision that she could only open her book by joining the ranks of the xiaolin. They even told her to not reveal anything about the Sorcery of Midna and that a xiaolin elder will know she will be coming. Since then he had joined the xiaolin temple.
Generation: Second

More to come
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Almost every week is the same way

Sunday 9am - 6pm
Monday 9am - 6pm
Tuesday Free - Unless friends steal me
Wednesday Free - Look ^
Thursday - 11am - 8pm
Friday 11am - 8pm
Saturday 11am - 8pm

Time zone USA Eastern Coast

If i am no where near your time zone I would suggest google time zones o find out.
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Okay so the whole Mea dieing and Katra becoming broken is not happening anymore, well it is. Enough people have spoke to me in my last journal and notes not liking the idea so this is what is happening.

Everything that is happening is an au of the continuity we share with our oc's. So Mea and Katra are alive and living well with everyone but in another universe that I kind of created by killing them is happening.

With this said it changes some of my plans for the future. For one Tales of Xiaolin that project will be put on hold. Why you ask, well I was going to build with Mea died, Katra broken, and (spoiler forward) Nova accidentally free Wuya magic. All planned by Vyse, what was not planned was Wuya was going to try and kill him and Evila thinking the world is ruined since no one could stop her destroys the Earth. Evila has the capability.

Once all of that is said and done the world was going to be recreated changing a lot turning it into Tales of Xiaolin. So yea now I need to change the openning of it and now that i think of it maybe that would be a a lot of demand on my side so yea...

Now I am in the middle of making a couple new characters one is kind of up just no one has done commented on it. I fear making too many characters will hurt my own mind so it was another reason why I was offing my characters.

Edited: One thing I almost forgot Vyse still becomes evil but instead of joining Wuya he disappears from going back in time become one of my first generation characters
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In a flower field close by the wind blew picking up a couple flowers. The flowers were blown all together and began to craft together by some magic. Once all the flowers are finally crafted together it created a small basket that is the same color of the flowers.

A small light blue blanket lays on top the open part of the basket and once removed you see a letter, an envelope, and a small black baby fox sleeping. You pick up the letter to read, and it reads:

This little creature before you is an Enza, or better yet a new born Enza. Enza is creatures the help grant others dreams, wishes and desires no matter how good or evil they are. They will serve their master who signs their contract that is in the envelope before you.

Take note that it is one is a newborn and her powers are limited and will need to be trained to behave. She is a living being so she will require nourishment and she understand more than what she puts on. Her powers to grant the desires of her master are listed below.

Slight reality-bending
Great speed
All language able

She can take on any form her master requires no matter the size or gender. She will serve out any task given till told otherwise.

Something the master should know the thing about Enzas is they must feed on souls to live every ten years.

The letter finishes as you look down on the little black fox unsure if they should continue on to read the contract. You hesitate but grab the envelope to look at the contract. Once seen you see it’s decorated with runes and symbols you have never seen. If you were able to see or detect magic, you could see it layered with very powerful magic.

The contract reads

Hi I have no name as it is up to my master to name. This is my contract to you, and I can only be waken up once someone begins to read this contract. So here is my deal to you my master:

I promise to serve you for three whole years to bring your wishes, dreams, and desires to some true. If you need anything, I will do it to the fullest. I am the type of person to try to please a total of three masters that is if my first master allows it.

If you desire to break my contract or let me go, I will grant it. I will lose the soul though, and if I have none I will die. If I die, I am sorry but to curse you with whatever life force I have left.

By signing my contract means you agree to forfeit your soul to me when you die or find me three souls.

My curse is that my master and all that my master considers family will have horrible luck till the day they die.

Sign below, please

The black fox wakes up by stretching her legs then looks up at you with light blue cute eyes. She smiles then says, “Contract” in a nice sweet child voice.
A new character for any world or universe you may rp with. who wants a Enza ^^

I would like to rp with people with this.

Edited I forgot something in the contract.


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